May 312017

3 weeks so far in the land of the walking dead where the sun never shines nor tides never reach and it’s becoming more obvious, despite the financial advantages, I am not going to be able to stand staying here until Sept.  I’m bored out of my skull, I miss the warm tropical breezes, and […]

The Manatee Fritters Store…

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May 022017

In the never ending quest to generate a few extra bucks I’ve dispensed with the Amazon ad in the sidebar and opened a small Amazon storefront on this page.  The ebooks, as always are on there, along with my ever popular line of captain’s wear.  Yes, you too can look just like Capt. Fritter, with […]

Apr 262016

I’ve been told…again…I should go out and get a, “real job”.  Let us examine this premise for a bit. The phrase, “real job” leaves me a bit confused.  What the hell is a, “real job”? I have built and now host about 10 websites and monitor a couple more.  Granted, it’s not a lot of […]