May 312017

3 weeks so far in the land of the walking dead where the sun never shines nor tides never reach and it’s becoming more obvious, despite the financial advantages, I am not going to be able to stand staying here until Sept.  I’m bored out of my skull, I miss the warm tropical breezes, and […]

Apr 102017
Sorry, Friendship Over...

I have one less friend today.  I got defriended/unfriended/banned/exiled or whatever the hell they call it on social media the other night.  Seems the ex friend, who is a, shall we say, rather ardent supporter of the trumpenführer and the current corporate dictatorship, took exception, finally to my anti said dictator tweets and posts.  Took long […]

Aug 282016
A Brief Interlude...

It’s the last week of summer, such as it is in these crappy mountains, and with the holiday weekend coming up, I’m taking a short sabbatical from writing.  I apologize for the lack of decent posts over the past few months but it’s not exactly inspirational for the writing spirit around here.  I’ll probably post […]

Aug 102016

I’m not very good at communicating verbally.  I tend to speak quickly, not think before I speak (unlike the extensive thought I put in before typing these sure to be award winning posts), and I have a tendency not to give a Norwegian rodents posterior if what I say offends somebody.  Hint:  It usually does. […]

Jan 312016

Yesterday, as I was sifting through my emails, social media, and other sites of entertainment, I got the following message from Charlie on the Fritter Facebook page.  His questions were of the type I suspect others may have.  So rather than answer him direct in FB, I told him to stop by here and I […]

Dec 102015

No, not me.  I’m down now to just a constant nagging cough.  Slowly getting my energy back a little and starting to feel almost human again.  I’m still not sure what it was I got so I went online again and listed out the symptoms.  Lessee:  cough, fever, aches and pains, grouchy, bloated, mood swings….HOLY […]

Oct 042015

Well, not from a place which does not exist, but even more better.  The start of October was a bit pleasant when I checked my bank statement and found not one, but two royalty deposits from my three year old, still cranking them out, not so best selling ebook, “Moving To The Florida Keys“.   Both […]

Digital Nomad: Always Looking For Options…

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Sep 062015

One of the things I have been trying to do, with no success, is trade off some webwork in exchange for some sort of living arrangement.  Build a website, build an app, computer consulting, things of that sort, hopefully in exchange for some small habitat for a short term period.  Recently I ran an ad proposing […]

The Zero Inbox…

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Feb 032012
The Zero Inbox...

Last week a family member called me up for some help with an email problem. I was able to fix it but when I went into the account I noticed that since the email account was created, three years ago, by me, it had never been cleaned out. Every single message ever received was still […]

Aug 142011

My little experiment in minimalism has been very successful so far. I am almost where I want to be in terms of how much crap I own and need to keep my little tropical empire afloat. But I have also taken a bit of another take on minimalism in regards to relationships and contacts. I […]