Mar 302013

According to a latest report, Key’s residents are healthier, skinnier, but we drink and smoke too much.  Our air cleaner, water less polluted, and as a highlight, the Key’s have fewer fast food joints.  Interesting side fact, there are more liquor and tobacco licenses here than any other county in Florida.  My only question:  where […]

Mar 282013

Seems that many of you believe I should just sell the boat, pack up the cats, and head west…real far west…to the land of pineapples and grass skirts.  Namely, Hawaii.  Well, works for me!  But not yet. Firstly, let me clarify a few things.  For all my grumbling about the cold, cold winter we have […]

Jan 082013

A fan of this here blog who recently had the wisdom to purchase my exciting-breathtaking-on the edge of your seat ebook about moving to the Florida Keys asked me a few questions regarding owning a rv lot here in the Keys.  So for the benefit of all, let me give out some answers on said […]

Jan 062013

Yeah, it really is as bad as you think. Age, looks, race, sex, we got it all. But wait! There’s more! The old adage is, working in the Keys is a tropical depression. Low wages, long hours, few benefits, and even fewer choices. The Keys ain’t a hotbed of income opportunities if you chose to […]

Sep 282012
Moving to the Keys?  Here are some tips...

Erin, from someplace in the hinterlands way up north, sent a nice comment in today about the blog.  She also mentioned that her and her husband are planning on selling most everything and moving to the Keys in the next few years.  Well, I’ve covered this subject quite a bit over the last year and […]

Starting to Feel Normal Again…

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Aug 282012

Went out yesterday afternoon and had a big plate of sketti and meatballs.  First cooked meal I’ve had in a nearly a week.  Got a good nights sleep, no wind gusts, no snapping lines, no rocking.  Now it’s time to get back to work. From what I’ve been able to gather, the Keys got the […]

The Fine Art of Bug Huntin’…

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Jul 242012

All that stuff I posted over the previous weekend about scuba diving was inspired by one annual event that is about to take place here in Florida…Lobster Mini Season. It’s also known as the Sportsman Season and a few choice other names by those who have to deal with the mobs of people hitting the […]

Jul 202012

Sportsman Season is upon us again.  Now, unless you live in Florida and are a certified scuba diver the previous sentence has no meaning to you.  On the other hand, or fin, if you are a certified scuba diver, it’s the equivalent of all non diving holidays rolled into one.  Sportman Season is a quick […]

Jul 022012

Hot enough for ya?  Blistering heat, humidity, sudden fierce storms with high winds and lightning, power outages, or as we call it here in the Key’s…Tuesday. Seriously though, we here on the rocks can relate.  We know what you are going through up there in the mainland with this heat wave.  It’s some kind of […]

Jun 022012

A commenter asked this question and the answer is such that I felt I should add a separate post to address the issue.  Being as how I rode for 25 years, owned 17 different Harley’s, got about 500,000 miles under my ass, and worked in the industry, I would like to think I’ve got some […]

Mar 072012

In response to Bill who asked in the comments about decent rv parks in the Keys, here is a quick rundown of some the parks I have had experience with… It depends on where you want to live. Summer is coming soon so many parks will empty out and chances of finding a cheaper lot […]

Jan 022012
50 awesomely unusual ways life in the Keys is different than any place else...

You’ve probably been wondering what living in the Keys is really like, beyond the tourists, heat, and skeeters. Sure, the pictures of sunsets look great and all but what’s it really like to live here? Well… Here are 50 awesomely unusual ways Life in the Keys is different than anywhere else… 1. The ability to […]

Why do I live in Key West?…

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Dec 272011
Why do I live in Key West?...

Here’s one good reason… That’s a typical winter cold front about to slam most of Florida today. As it passes over the state there will be a short period of intense rain and storms, the winds will kick up, and after it passes, a large temperature drop. Up around the Orlando area the night time […]

Dec 052011

Continuing from the earlier post, here are 6 more reasons to move to the Keys, and 6 reasons not to. Or just flip a coin… IT’S HEALTHY…the fresh breezes, the salt air, the mild climate, the sunshine. The Keys make for one of the healthier places to live. No industrial pollution, car fumes are swept […]