Jan 102016

Notice anything different?  Yeah, I did’t get as much done as planned.  Searched some new themes but nothing really stood out so for now the Fritter will remain the same.  I did go back in and clean out some old archives.  You would be amazed how much space images take up in memory.  The stuff […]

May 032013

…You best make sure your dock lines are snug.  We had quite the weather system move through the Key’s yesterday.  From late morning to sunset the islands got anywhere from 4 to 7 inches of rain, depending on which weather bunny you believe.  Wind gusts hit nearly 60 mph in some places and there was […]

Sep 172012

Last month I gave a rather brief (yes, brief) run down of all the things I would like to do with the boat.  Everything from a motor to new lines and all things in between.  My over all plan is something sorta kinda simple but will take a lot more outlay of cash to achieve. […]

Living Aboard, Rope and Lines…

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Aug 202012

No matter what kind of boat it is, from a simple dinghy to the U.S.S. Abe Lincoln, all vessels have a need for rope or lines.  There is always something that needs to be tied down, tied up, tied to something else, raised, or lowered.  You can never have too much rope or line on […]

Continuing to minimalize…digital style…

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Aug 202011

Having rid my self of all those nasty physical possessions I decided to continue the minimalist mindset by consolidating my online possessions too. I had three blogs going at once and it had become a bit of pain to keep relevant content on all three. So I decided to fold the other two, pedal fritters, […]

The Minimalist Kitchen Part 2

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Apr 102011

In Part 1 of the Minimalist Kitchen I wrote about reducing your appliances down to a select few and eliminating single use devices.  In this post I’ll be writing about one of my favorite subjects, food. As I said before, I love to eat.  I don’t follow the trends, I don’t do the fads.  I […]

The Minimalist Kitchen Part 1

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Apr 022011

Make no mistake about it, I love to eat.  I enjoy the hell out of food.  It’s an addiction.  I started eating when I was a child and haven’t been able to kick the habit since.  You’ll read a lot of minimalist blogs, usually by younger authors, where they have all these bizarre hippie eating […]

It’s Your Decision

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Mar 222011

Recently I had a young lady out for a paddleboard lesson and tour.  As we were paddling amoungst the mangroves we got to talking about minimalism.  Seems she was about to make a major career change.  She had come down to Florida from the great white north as part of a relocation offer for the […]

More on not spending a dollar bill..

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Mar 202011

I wrote a post about the dollar and suggested trying the experiment of never spending a dollar bill.  So, to illustrate, I am going to keep tabs for a month or so and see how I do.  Up in the header you will see the words “Current Total” with a number on it.  That will […]

Minimalism and Middle Age…or older

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Mar 202011

If you do a search for minimalist blogs you will find the vast majority of them are written by young people.  People in their 20’s, fresh out of school, full of piss and vinegar.  Ready to challenge all conventional notions of life, living out of a backpack, ambitious, cocksure that they can handle anything that […]


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Mar 132011

A few random thoughts and stories regarding the dollar bill. It’s called a buck, a simolean, a greenback.  It doesn’t buy much these days and it is symbolic of a lot things economic and otherwise.   I bring this up as an intro to an incident that happened a few years ago.  It was the final […]

Debt – the Ultimate Buzzkill

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Mar 062011

One of the keys to a minimalist lifestyle that should have a priority over everything else is the elimination of debt.  Nothing restricts your freedom more than owing money.  It will prevent you from doing the things you want to do, causing undo stress, and tearing apart families and friendships.  Once you get debt free […]

Minimalism and Sentimentality

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Feb 272011

Before I get into the main subject of this post let me offer an experiment you can do as you are deciding how and what to get rid of in terms of all your stuff.  It’s pretty easy.  Grab a box of some sort and put in all those things that you can’t just throw […]