Mar 012016

Just some quick housekeeping.  I’ve shut down the gofundme campaign and I thank everyone who contributed.  It helped, a lot.  For those of you who did contribute and have not done so yet, you are entitled to a free copy of “Tales Of The Manatee Fritters – Captain, Are You Ready?”.  So you know who […]

Feb 122016

The full first draft of the book is now complete.  I sent a copy off to some friends to get some feedback on the story and to get a different set of eyes looking out for typos, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.  So far, my failing grades from high school english class are proving accurate.  But, […]

Feb 072016

The book is moving along surprisingly smooth now.  The final chapters are coming into form and hopefully, I will have a full draft ready to go very soon.  Then I’ll get some proofreading done, and start going back, checking for mistakes, and punching up the weak spots.  I’m starting to get excited as this project […]

It Wasn’t Always Boats & The Keys…

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Feb 042016
It Wasn't Always Boats & The Keys...

With the drunk, unemployed landlord now on his 3rd week of the current binge, coupled with his fat, ugly, obnoxious, foul mouthed, free loading, whore, who he fights with all day, and makes up with all night, I’m starting to realize I’m going to have to make a move very soon.  Unfortunately, said move is […]

Jan 302016

It’s one thing to come up with the idea for a book.  It’s quite another to actually put said idea into words.  It’s not as easy as it seems.  Especially when you don’t have any writing ability. I was terrible in high school English classes.  Diagramming sentences, grammar, all that.  I hated it.  It didn’t […]

Jan 262016

Or perhaps to be more specific, I miss the solitude and peace of living alone, or at least with non human roommates.  When I was out at the marina, the good one, on the Free Spirit, it was relatively quiet.  Most of the time all you could hear was the wind blowing, the waves crackling against […]

Jan 232016
Off To A Good Start...

Just a couple days into the gofundme campaign and I have to say, it’s off to a good start.  At 7% of the goal as of this post so while there is a long way to go yet, it’s looking very promising.  Many, many thanks to those who have contributed so far.  Every contribution is […]

Jan 192016

Time to get off my ass and get some shit done.  I’ve been sitting around dealing with crap and putting off this project for way to long. After the amazing success of my last ebook, Moving to The Florida Keys, links to the lower left on the sidebar, I was inspired to come up with […]