Apr 112013

It’s hard to believe that just a week and half ago I was still running the space heater in the evenings just to take the chill out of the boat cabin.  Now, the highs for the days are in the low 80’s and it’s time to start thinking about getting the boat ready for summer. […]

Jul 022012

Hot enough for ya?  Blistering heat, humidity, sudden fierce storms with high winds and lightning, power outages, or as we call it here in the Key’s…Tuesday. Seriously though, we here on the rocks can relate.  We know what you are going through up there in the mainland with this heat wave.  It’s some kind of […]

Jun 042012
So, Still coming to Key West to live that island dream?...

Or have you given up and resigned yourself to a life of misery in a cold, heartless, mainland town bereft of sunshine, happiness, and a decent bottle of rum?  Well, if I haven’t totally ripped your hopes from your chest and drop kicked them into the nearest wastebasket of failed dreams, here are a few […]

Jun 022012

A commenter asked this question and the answer is such that I felt I should add a separate post to address the issue.  Being as how I rode for 25 years, owned 17 different Harley’s, got about 500,000 miles under my ass, and worked in the industry, I would like to think I’ve got some […]