May 162015

I’m sitting around playing on the computatater as I usually do these days, fiddling about here and there, when I suddenly noticed something.  Somewhere in mid fiddle, I found myself looking at boat ads…for like an hour.  Nothing special, just perusing what’s for sale here and there about the state.  There are a few nice 22′ […]

Apr 052015

This little room that I’m currently renting is proving to be exactly what I needed for the time being.  A semi quiet, non intrusive, maintenance free, place to recharge and hatch my evil plots.  While the neighborhood is not the best, the location is ideal, just a short walk over to the stores, and the […]

Mar 172015

Firstly, relax.  I’m not homeless, at least not yet.  Over the weekend I managed to secure a room to rent in Key West for a reasonable price so I won’t be sleeping under any bridges.  It’s a temporary spot which will have an actual bed, a bathroom, and wifi.  All much closer to the stores […]