Jan 312016

Yesterday, as I was sifting through my emails, social media, and other sites of entertainment, I got the following message from Charlie on the Fritter Facebook page.  His questions were of the type I suspect others may have.  So rather than answer him direct in FB, I told him to stop by here and I […]

He Never Stops…

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Jul 292015

Not content with destroying a perfectly good marina and upending the lives of a nice group of boat owners and live aboards, HWSNBN has now set his sites on one of the last affordable rv resorts in Marathon.  Yup, the bastard is at it again.  This time he wants to buy out the Knight’s Key Rv […]

Jan 272015

As of this writing I still have not heard any updates regarding moving the mooring.  It was the weekend and it has been windy.  But time is running very short.  The marina manager has been quite nice about all this and in fact would prefer I stay.  For the rent of course.  But we do […]

Aug 312013

One of the reasons I wanted to go to a smaller boat like the Spirit is because of the simplicity of the design.  Everything is very basic and minimal on a boat like this and as a result, it doesn’t take a lot of parts to get the boat up to speed.  And as much […]

May 292013

Well, the holiday is over with and for all intent and purposes, we are into the summer season here in Key West.  The stormy weather has started with the daily thunderboomers and the media is all aflutter with the latest predictions of a very busy hurricane season, sponsored by Home Depot, Eveready Batteries, and anyone […]

Apr 192013
Retail Tricks Of The Trade...

I came across this interesting little piece on how stores manipulate your senses to get you to buy more crap.  Like the other day, it brought back a slew of warm and fuzzy memories of how us retail worker bees were trained in the fine art of conning you out of your money. A successful […]