Jul 072017

Today I got the word.  I am officially homeless again.  Just another urban outdoorsman with no purpose in life.  Doomed to wander the planet aimlessly.  No place to lay my weary bones, no shelter from the rain and cold.  Destined to die alone in a wooded clearing which reeks of cat pee. The landlady in […]

Feb 172016

I am now homeless.  An urban outdoorsman.  I have no roof over my head, no bed to lie down in, no kitchen to cook in.  I have my backpack with a few scraps of clothes, a beat up old laptop, and a pair of hiking shoes with a little bit of tread left.  I destined […]

Jan 302014

Every January 28th, the powers that be in the Florida Keys go out amongst the masses and do a survey and headcount of all the homeless persons in the islands.  They walk the streets, stop at the shelters, crawl under the bridges, and apparently hang out at the dinghy docks and boat ramps.  The purpose […]

Jun 032012

Hey, if you want the sanitized, fantasy version go here…Key West Chamber of Commerce.  Reputation, legend, and a list of buzzwords from an ad agency don’t give a true picture of the island and seldom lives up to reality.  Key West is dependent on tourism to survive and nobody is going to visit someplace if […]

Nov 202011

I get a lot of search terms for life in the Keys and Key West. Many think about chucking it all and moving down here to the Conch Republic but wonder what life is really like beyond the Chamber of Commerce and Tourist bureau propaganda. Well, luckily, your Fritter here is on the ball with […]

Aug 192011

And I mean that in the literal sense. How often can we say we have achieved a life long goal? One of those, in the modern parlance, items on our bucket list. Something that once seemed like only a dream and at times you figured would never happen, suddenly does happen. It has happened to […]