Jan 162018
So, What If It Had Been The Real Thing...

The dust has settled.  The kids are out of the sewers.  Everyone has clean underwear again.  Hawaii is back to normal, sort of. The official story is someone, a person who has yet to be identified so as to protect his ass, pressed the wrong button, made the wrong selection from a drop down menu, […]

Jan 142018
The Day After, Hawaiian Style...

After yesterday’s kerfuffle I spent the rest of Saturday and the evening scrubbing the skid marks out of my shorts and binge watching Mad Max movies, you know, for survival tips.  Trust the ol’ Captain when I say the last thing you want to wake up to is an alert on your phone telling you […]

Mar 192017
A Tale Of Two Islands - Getting Around...

Transporting one’s self across either Key West or Maui has many an option.  In this post I’ll explore the many ways one can do said transporting, not including an actual transporter, but some more down to earth options.  Shall we begin? Let’s start with Key West. As islands go Key West is not very big. […]

Feb 262017
A Tale Of Two Islands...

I have spent some 38 years in Florida and about 8 of said years in the Florida Keys, including Key West.  I have now been living in Hawaii on the island of Maui for 6 months.  So, with said experience, and my ability to fling bovine fecal matter with the best of them, I am […]

Sep 172016

As I sat in my evil lair and began my cunning plans for an island invasion, I needed to decide which island would be the lucky one to enjoy my visit.  In the Hawaiian chain there are basically 5 islands where one can realistically settle in, at least someone of my age and on my […]

Mar 282013

Seems that many of you believe I should just sell the boat, pack up the cats, and head west…real far west…to the land of pineapples and grass skirts.  Namely, Hawaii.  Well, works for me!  But not yet. Firstly, let me clarify a few things.  For all my grumbling about the cold, cold winter we have […]