Apr 112014

Things continue to settle down here with the new marina.  I’m starting to get back into a decent frame of mind again as all the tension, stress, and adrenaline slowly goes away.  Everyone has commented about how more better I seem to be since I moved.  It’s really starting to dawn on me how bad […]

Mar 282013

Seems that many of you believe I should just sell the boat, pack up the cats, and head west…real far west…to the land of pineapples and grass skirts.  Namely, Hawaii.  Well, works for me!  But not yet. Firstly, let me clarify a few things.  For all my grumbling about the cold, cold winter we have […]

Living on a boat…more reality…

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Oct 112011

In the previous post in this series I covered some of the nitty of boat living. In this post I will cover the gritty. So let’s get to it… Weather When you live on land and a rain storm moves in you simply go inside, shut the windows, and go about your business. A windy […]