Jul 082017

I never thought, in all my fantasies about travel and island living, I would be sitting here trying to decide if I want to live in Hawaii or Key West, yet here I am.  Both islands have good and bad to them and trying to figger out which would be the more better way to […]

Jan 222017
It's A Lifestyle, Not A Fad...

2017 marks 15 years since I began a long, sometimes difficult, but always rewarding move towards a minimalist lifestyle.  Back in 2002 I was living in a house which I owned, and owed money on.  I had credit card debt, motorcycle loans, and had even bought a second piece of property, namely a rv lot […]

Oct 132016
Power & Water & Wifi, Oh My...

One thing I am finding out about living out here in the middle of the Pacific is utilities are expensive, very expensive.  I guess it’s to be expected when you have to supply your own power, water, and other necessities, but according to some property owners I have heard from, it can get pretty pricey. […]

Jun 272016

The days just seems to drag by up here in one of the most boring places on the planet.  I sit in my room all day like a lump trying to eke out some money on the computer.  In between, all I do is eat or go get stuff to eat.  I get no exercise […]

Jun 202016
Driving Outback...

It’s been nearly 5 years or so since I last owned a vehicle.  Despite my enjoyment of owning my old beloved jeep, I knew it was time to go without.  Since then I have relied on bicycles, mass transit, and my own two feet to propel myself across the planet’s surface.  Sometimes I miss the […]

Jun 172016

While I am living up in the cold, dank, rainy north for the moment, the place I am staying in does have it’s perks.  One of which is broadband internet.  But, I haven’t been using it because there is no wifi available for said broadband, until now. I’ve been paying Sprint an unDarwiny amount of money […]

Jun 132016
Traveling Out Of A Backpack...

This past trip gave me a good chance to refine how I pack my backpack and what works best where whilst out on the road.  Even though the trip was short I took everything which I inventoried in the last 100 Thing Challenge, just in case I wound up changing plans along the way.  I […]

Jun 122016

I’m back in Pa., all safe and sound from my all too brief trip back to Key West.  I was able to get all I needed to get done in the short time I was back on the rock and now I am going to just chill out for the rest of the year until […]

Apr 242016
The 100 Thing Challenge - 2016 Edition...

Yes, it’s time once again to take stock and inventory.  A quick rundown of all my worldly possessions, packed into one little bag.  In case you have never heard of the 100 Thing Challenge, it was created by one Dave Bruno about 6 years ago.  He wanted to show how one could live without all […]

Feb 202016
The Old Stomping Grounds...

I’m recovering from the stress of the last few weeks finally, and relaxing ever so slightly now.  All the bullshit with the landlord and the drama is over with and I’m moving on to new things.  In the meantime, thanks to the generosity of an old friend, I do have a nice place to stay […]

Oct 152015

October is usually a pretty good month for me.  The weather gets milder here in the islands, football is in full swing, and I generally feel somewhat optimistic, for unknown reasons.  Said optimism usually passes quickly with reality but I enjoy the moment while I can.  Financially, October is one of the more better months […]

Sep 132015

Fall is right around the corner but of course, the only way you would know it around here is because football is on tv now.  We won’t see any break in the heat until next month or so. I usually love summer the best but this year it sucked.  All I did was sit in […]

Peace In Our Time…

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Sep 082015

The weekend I was dreading never came to pass.  In fact, it was downright quiet and boring.  Nothing unusual happened and things seem to be back to normal. The landlord went back to work as of last Friday, now working an evening shift.  Last Thursday he was still pounding down the beer pretty good but […]

Mar 192015
The 100 Thing Challenge:  Spring Edition...

For those of you who are new at this minimalist way of living, welcome to the 100 Thing Challenge. The 100 Thing Challenge: How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life, and Regained My Soul The 100 Thing Challenge was put forth a few years back by Dave Bruno who wanted to take […]

Jan 232015

Today I gave notice to the marina that I will be departing in some way, shape, or form at the end of the month.  No matter what else happens, I ain’t coming up with another $720 to stay here.  I either get towed out, sail out, or walk out.  For now, it looks like towing […]

Life As An App Developer…

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Aug 252014

Some of you have on occasion written to me to ask about what it takes to become a top notch, first rate, highly sought after, app developer.  I don’t have any idea.  But I can relate how things are going with my little spot on the app store.  And it ain’t pretty. The wifi is […]

Living Aboard: The Fun & Games Continue…

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Mar 062014

HWSNBN has gotten the blessings of the county for his site plans. The condos, the restaurant, the pools, the fire pits are a go. Don’t know how long until construction begins but there were men wearing tucked in shirts and carrying clipboards roaming about the docks this week. Never a good sign. The free internet […]