Jun 022012

Well, yeah, sort of…that is if your idea of paradise includes high costs of living, poverty wages, and a breed of crazy not found on the mainland, then sure, it’s paradise.  Ok, it ain’t that bad but we are going to get real for a while.  You won’t be finding the chamber of commerce sunny […]

May 172012
Well, let's talk about Wally Mart...shall we??????....

We seem to have a few differing opinions on ‘Merica’s pride and joy so why not stir the puddin’ a little further.  Hey, it’s quiet around here and things have been way to slow on this blog.  So what say we start with all that is good about Walmart…… …….um……..er…… Ok, easy enough now how […]

Living in the Keys…besides Key West…

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Apr 042012

As you may know from reading this here blog, most of what I post regarding the Keys is primarily focused on Key West. That’s because I live here and there is plenty to write about. But what about the rest of the Keys? After all, not everyone is keen on the high paced exciting world […]

Mar 162012

Since I’ve moved to Key West I’ve applied for somewheres around a dozen positions, possibly more. Every job I’ve applied for I was qualified to do, maybe even slightly over qualified. Of all those applications I’ve gotten back three actual replies and interviews. Two had the decency to call me back and tell me they […]

Nov 202011

I get a lot of search terms for life in the Keys and Key West. Many think about chucking it all and moving down here to the Conch Republic but wonder what life is really like beyond the Chamber of Commerce and Tourist bureau propaganda. Well, luckily, your Fritter here is on the ball with […]