Jul 312017
The Journey Continues...

Some of you may remember Julia from the old blog, Journey To Minimalism.  When Julia and I first made contact by way of some comments on the Fritter she was stuck in a go nowhere job, saddled with a mortgage, and generally was unhappy.  She found the way to true salvation through minimalism, unsaddled herself […]

Jun 172017

Recently I was sent some links to a couple of YouTube channels of people who are into simple living.  One is called The Boss Of The Swamp and the other is Cheap RV Living.  They both espouse many of the same things I preach about here on the Fritter.  Simple living, no debt, minimalism, making one’s own […]

Prepare To Tack…

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Oct 102016

Some of you older Fritter fans may remember Julia from her Journey To Minimalism blog.  There she wrote about her major life change from a debt ridden worker bee to becoming a world traveler, sailing the Med., and living a real life. Well, Julia is now ready to share her experiences and expertise for anyone […]

Oct 252014

It happens with me quite a bit.  I settle in to something and after a while I get bored, disinterested, or fed up with what ever situation I am in, and I take steps to move onto something else more better.  That is where I find myself at the moment and I am not quite […]

Aug 032014

In case you are wondering, no I have not forgotten the monthly budget post. I still don’t have internet yet and I have been a bit lazy with the blog. I’ll get it up during the week sometime. It ain’t pretty neither so you ain’t missing anything. Anyways, it’s another exciting Saturday night as I […]

Feb 162014

Another Sunday, another pile of crap shoveled our way by the marina lord and master.  This time?  The son of a…..WAIT A MINUTE! HOL’ ON THERE! HOKEY SMOKERS!!! IT’S THE 3RD BIRTHDAY OF THE MANATEE FRITTER!!!! Well shiver me timbers and swash my buckles.  The Fritter has made for another year.  Wow!  Three years and […]

Jun 112013

This inspiring people stuff is getting a bit scary sometimes.  You write about your life experiences, you talk about how you overcome obstacles, you set outlandish goals and meet them.  And people start taking you seriously.  We got Julia up at Journey To Minimalism, who will someday be a Captain of her own catamaran down […]

Jun 082013

Well, next week the big event takes place.  Sometime around the 12th Labombard closes on the sale of our little marina.  What happens after that is anybody’s guess.  Rumors continue to fly and nobody seems to know or is willing to discuss what will go down.  Since my wifi connection on the iPhone is still […]

Jun 052013

We have had essentially 7 straight days of rainy weather here in the Keys.  Not the usual daily thunderstorms that crop up due to the heat.  This has been the all day, overcast, steady rain/drizzle that you would normally see up north.  The reason for all this water coming down from the sky stuff has […]