Jan 122016
Kayak Kings Presents:  The Get Lit Up! Tour...

From those wacky paddlers over at Kayak Kings Key West, a new paddling adventure: Our newest paddling adventure.  Take a paddle on the wild side through the mangrove maze at night with our lit up kayaks.  We have outfitted some of our kayaks with lights which shine down into the water, enabling you to see […]

Aug 182015

Let’s take a break from passed out whores and drunken landlords shall we?  And move on to other things happening here at the end of the world. Yesterday I paid a visit to Kayak Kings for some much needed updates to the websites.  When I got there, namely to Cow Key Marina, the place had been […]

Jul 202014
Kayak 101...

I’ve made many a post here about kayaking and stand up paddle boards.  In fact, my post on starting a stand up paddle board business that I wrote 2 years ago remains my top searched post of all time.  OF ALL TIME!  But, for the rest of the great unwashed, I may have been remiss […]

Jun 092014

You never know what will happen around this island.  There is always some sort of drama playing out and this past Sunday was no exception. I had just returned from a kayak tour through the mangroves, had the gear all cleaned up and just sat down with AJ from Kayak Kings Key West along with some […]

Apr 272014

I know, postings have been a bit scarce this week.  Well, it seems that lots of people have chosen this week to go kayaking with Kayak Kings, and with your’s truly as the only other able bodied guide available, I’ve been paddlin’ my little ass off lately.  There have been multiple days where I’ve done […]