Sep 102017

This morning, Sept.10th, Hurricane Irma made landfall in the lower Florida Keys. As I write this post the center of the storm sits right about over Cudjoe Key, where I once owned a rv lot.  Key West sits 23 miles to the west, Marathon, 25 miles to the east.  The storm hit as a Cat […]

Sep 262016
In Answer To Your Question...

I know what you have wondering about.  It’s been bothering you ever since I came to Hawaii.  And happily, the answer is yes…yes there is. Maui Pie does have Key Lime Pie.  It doesn’t exactly get top billing but they do have it.  According to the girls behind the counter, they even import Key Limes […]

Jul 042016

Look at this monstrosity. I’ve been told it is a, “pie”.  But I don’t see any evidence of Key Lime.  Do you see any Key Lime?  I don’t.  It’s because there ain’t any.  Key Lime pie is yellow, not red.  And what’s with the criss cross design on the top?  Is it crust?  On top […]

May 292016

If there is one upside to being stuck up here in the northern hinterlands it’s the fact I’m eating good.  Too good sometimes.  Everyone up here is really, really, into food.  If they ain’t eatin’ they are planning on eatin’.  Three squares a day plus plenty of snacking in between.  Obesity is not an epidemic […]

Nov 192013

Here’s a question for you to ponder over your morning cup of the beverage of your choice: Which makes you feel more better?  Getting something…or getting rid of something? Does going out shopping, for whatever, and acquiring something new, shiny, or high in fat and calories make you happier? Or does tossing something out, selling […]

Living Or Existing…

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Sep 282013

This was sent to me recently: Will I Live to see 80? (Here’s something to think about.) I recently picked a new primary care doctor. After two visits and exhaustive Lab tests, she said I was doing fairly well for my age. (I am past Sixty Five). A little concerned about that comment, I couldn’t […]

Sep 262013

I’ve been staying busy updating some of the apps for iOS 7.  Manatee Fritters will have a new look.  Key Lime Pie gets a major facelift, it will be much more better with less bandwidth and an easier to use interface.  These updates will be coming out in a week or so and more updates […]

May 172013

I stopped by that marina again yesterday to see if indeed they had any open slips available come July.  No.  But I will keep checking back.  Sent an email off to the city marina to see what they might have.  No answer.  Not surprised there.  I will probably have to go and beg on bended […]

Apr 182013

And no, this has nothing to do with national events.  I’m letting that subject go and moving on to other things now. Chase pointed this out to me yesterday morning and I had seen it while perusing the interweb news sites.  The AAA has published it’s annual report on the cost of driving a vehicle […]