Aug 142013

The Key West Citizen has a nice article concerning proposals on changing the look of Duval St.  The consultants have come up with an idea that does move things in the right direction at least.  They propose removing the curbs altogether and creating a more “festival/people” type of street.  This design, while not banning motor […]

Jun 132013

Apparently the closing of the marina sale is today, as opposed to yesterday.  Or maybe it takes two days for the two sides to properly lube up each other for the screwing.  Anyways, this article appeared in the Citizen today:  Developer Buys Marina.  It pretty much sums up the deal and does mention that the […]

Oct 152012
Living Aboard,  Is It a Boat, or a Vessel?  The Decision Looms...

There is a nice little write up in the Sunday edition of the Key West Citizen regarding the coming Supreme Court decision over what constitutes if a floating structure is considered to be a house, like on land, or a vessel.  If you are unfamiliar with the case here are the basics: Guy has a […]