Sep 202015
Seems Like A Whole Lifetime Ago...

I went down to Old Town Saturday afternoon just to walk around and see the Poker Run in full swing.  And sure enough, there it was in all it’s chrome and leather glory.  Motorcycles lined up and down Duval, street merchants selling anything and everything they could market, riders wearing leather and black t-shirts standing […]

Sep 132015

Fall is right around the corner but of course, the only way you would know it around here is because football is on tv now.  We won’t see any break in the heat until next month or so. I usually love summer the best but this year it sucked.  All I did was sit in […]

Summer Doldrums…

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Aug 032015

It’s been downright boring around here over the past month.  Not a whole lot of anything going on other than the Lobster Season kicking off.  I’ve had no motivation to do much more than try to make rent every week, feed my fat ass, and little else.  But, here are a few tidbits until the […]

Jun 022012

A commenter asked this question and the answer is such that I felt I should add a separate post to address the issue.  Being as how I rode for 25 years, owned 17 different Harley’s, got about 500,000 miles under my ass, and worked in the industry, I would like to think I’ve got some […]