May 012015

It’s alway interesting, and sometimes a bit scary to actually meet and talk to the people who read or follow your adventures.  On the other hand, I have managed to score the occasional free lunch so it works out for the best.  In this case, I met up with Chris back in 2013.  He was […]

May 172013

I stopped by that marina again yesterday to see if indeed they had any open slips available come July.  No.  But I will keep checking back.  Sent an email off to the city marina to see what they might have.  No answer.  Not surprised there.  I will probably have to go and beg on bended […]

Jun 042012
So, Still coming to Key West to live that island dream?...

Or have you given up and resigned yourself to a life of misery in a cold, heartless, mainland town bereft of sunshine, happiness, and a decent bottle of rum?  Well, if I haven’t totally ripped your hopes from your chest and drop kicked them into the nearest wastebasket of failed dreams, here are a few […]