Jul 062013

I mentioned in passing recently about the impending overhaul of flood insurance for homes in flood prone areas, which is pretty much all of the Keys.  Here is a good follow up article that appeared in today’s Keynoter: Protests Mount Over Rate Hikes When these new rates go into effect, most people who own a […]

Still Thinking of Living on a Boat?

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Jun 112012

Well, let’s see if I can sink that dream like the Lusitania.  As they say in the UBoat Corp… TORPEDO LOS! Just kidding.  Living on a boat is actually pretty cool.  It just takes a lot of doing to do it right.  If you are looking into the possibility of moving onto a boat I […]

Aug 192011

And I mean that in the literal sense. How often can we say we have achieved a life long goal? One of those, in the modern parlance, items on our bucket list. Something that once seemed like only a dream and at times you figured would never happen, suddenly does happen. It has happened to […]

Aug 152011

I really hate banks. They are a bureaucratic pain in the ass. You allow them to hold your money in a safe place and they act like it is their money and you have no right to it. And lately, with the economic downturn, they have gotten real fee happy on top of the poor […]

Car free in the Keys!…

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Aug 042011

Well, the deal is done. The jeep is sold. It took two months of selling, negotiating, and wading through bullshit but it finally happened. Many lives were lost. The economies of the world were thrown into utter chaos but the jeep has finally found a new owner. A nice gentleman from New Orleans stepped up […]

Minimalism, a life choice or am I just too damn lazy?…

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Jul 212011

…well, don’t ask my old man that question. He would burn your ears off for a couple of hours. But it is a legitimate question. Do we chose the minimalist lifestyle because we truly hate the consumer driven way we used to live, or are we just giving up on the whole scratching and clawing […]