Oct 182017
Living With The Windows Open...

When I was existing, because it sure as hell wasn’t living, in the depths of Pennsylvania this past summer, there was not a single day which went by without having to take into account the weather.  What I mean is, no matter what the weather was, somebody wasn’t happy with it, and changes had to […]

Sep 222017
You're Probably Wondering Where The Hell I've Been...

I know.  I’ve been remiss in posting over the past week but, it’s been a rather interesting said week to be sure.  And as always, you can bet there was adventure, mayhem, stress, and bullshit.  Wanna hear the story?  Of course you do.  Go grab some popcorn and enjoy the tale. So, last week I […]

Jul 072017

Today I got the word.  I am officially homeless again.  Just another urban outdoorsman with no purpose in life.  Doomed to wander the planet aimlessly.  No place to lay my weary bones, no shelter from the rain and cold.  Destined to die alone in a wooded clearing which reeks of cat pee. The landlady in […]

Best Bus Stop Ever…

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Apr 052017
Best Bus Stop Ever...

Most times when waiting at a bus stop you might encounter a few other riders, lost tourists, and the occasional urban outdoorsman serenading everyone with an out of tune gitbox and equally out of tune voice.  But at this particular stop which overlooks the park in south Kihei, and the Pacific Ocean, you get to […]

Mar 192017
A Tale Of Two Islands - Getting Around...

Transporting one’s self across either Key West or Maui has many an option.  In this post I’ll explore the many ways one can do said transporting, not including an actual transporter, but some more down to earth options.  Shall we begin? Let’s start with Key West. As islands go Key West is not very big. […]

Mar 022017

If you are looking for epic videos with pirate battles and mermaids and sea serpents, you’re gonna be disappointed.  For right now, all I am doing is playing around with short videos showing what it’s like living out here.  Just watch and enjoy: Capt. Fritter

Mar 022017

Let’s face it.  The main reason most people come to a tropical island is for the weather.  The chance to escape the cold, gray, lifeless, frozen wastelands of the north and bask in the warmth and sunshine with a light tropical breeze.  It’s a big factor in why I moved south.  I hate winter and […]

Dec 012016

Finding an affordable place to live in Hawaii is a challenge.  I looked at all sorts of options before coming out here and I am still looking today, despite how nice the place is where I currently rent.  As is my M.O., I am alway looking for something different, out of the ordinary, off the […]

Oct 282016
Every Day...

It’s coming up on two months since I came to Maui and settled into the little town of Kihei.  It’s been one of the bestest places I have ever been and one major reason is the weather. On the second day I was here, it rained.  Not much, just a short shower or two.  The […]

Oct 192016
I Like Green...

One of the first things you notice when you arrive in Hawaii is how green everything is.  Not just a lawn here or there, green is everywhere.  All shades from emerald to forest to lime green.  It’s the primary color of the islands with blue being second.  Look up in the mountains and all you see […]

Sep 262016
In Answer To Your Question...

I know what you have wondering about.  It’s been bothering you ever since I came to Hawaii.  And happily, the answer is yes…yes there is. Maui Pie does have Key Lime Pie.  It doesn’t exactly get top billing but they do have it.  According to the girls behind the counter, they even import Key Limes […]

Sep 252016
Fourth Friday...

It’s apparently a tradition here on the island.  Every fourth Friday of the month there is a little festival of sorts in some of the different villages all over Maui.  There is one here in Kihei and it happened this past Friday. It’s pretty simple actually.  They close off the parking lot of a local […]

Sep 202016
A Beach Trail...

Running just to the south of Kam III park is a short but well marked hiking trail running along the shoreline.  It only goes for a few hundred yards up to a public boat ramp but the views are spectacular.  From there the trail continues on to the south along more beaches.  I will be […]