Jun 072013

And here I thought people were listening to me. 2 1/2 years of preaching the gospel of Minimalism. Downsizing, buying less, finding smaller places to live, finding alternative living like boats and rv’s. And what do I find on the interwebs? This: McMansions making a comeback. Really? Are you serious? Did we learn anything from […]

Minimalism…Seller’s Remorse…

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Feb 062012

Just about all of us at one time or another have experienced buyer’s remorse. That godawful feeling you get a couple days after you have purchased something. It usually happens with a large expensive purchase. The moment after you sign the mortgage papers and realize that 30 years is a loooonnng time to making payments […]

Nov 132011

Last month I did a short series on the basics of boat living. This month I want to talk about another alternative means of living…rv’s. As minimalist living goes, rv living is one of the more efficient and inexpensive ways to live as compared to owning a house or renting an apartment. Rv living is […]

Nov 032011

While looking over some of the most popular search phrases that brought readers to this fine blog, in between all the perverts looking for pictures of nekkid people painted up, somebody was searching to see if it was possible to become a minimalist after the age of 50. Well, no it isn’t. You are not […]

Living on a boat…a few last thoughts…

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Oct 132011
Living on a boat...a few last thoughts...

I hope I didn’t burst anybody’s bubble or crush your dreams with this series. I simply wanted to convey the message that boat living is not quite like a lot of people think it is. Making a major lifestyle change from a land based to water based home requires a lot more than just grabbing […]

Lessons I learned from going minimalist…

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Aug 082011

I’d like to think that over the last ten years or more I have picked up a few good lessons and tips on adopting a minimalist lifestyle. After all, it’s been quite the transition reducing down to the bare essentials. So, I thought I would post a few lessons and tips along the way. Keep […]

Making a living in the Keys…

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Aug 012011

…otherwise known as a tropical depression, according to some song I heard once. Living in the Florida Keys is pretty much like living anywhere else. You need a place to live, an income of some sort, you have to eat, and take care of all the other mundane chores of daily living. The Chamber of […]

Minimalism, a life choice or am I just too damn lazy?…

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Jul 212011

…well, don’t ask my old man that question. He would burn your ears off for a couple of hours. But it is a legitimate question. Do we chose the minimalist lifestyle because we truly hate the consumer driven way we used to live, or are we just giving up on the whole scratching and clawing […]

Jul 042011

Happy Independence Day from the Florida Keys. I figger this is a good time to kind of rub it in a bit and give all you mainlanders a bit of insight to living on the islands. Hard core minimalist? Yeah, I am getting there. You probably read my earlier blog last month on my take […]

The 100 Thing Challenge….The Fritter’s list…

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Jun 122011

This blog would be remiss if I didn’t mention at least once, “The 100 Thing Challenge”.  Created by “a guy named Dave” a few years ago the 100 Thing Challenge is exactly what it sounds like.  Reducing your personal possessions, the stuff you need to get through life, to a total of 100 items.  Actually […]

Alternative Housing..A Minimalist Guide to keeping a roof over your head while living in the Florida Keys…Part 4

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May 082011

In this final part of the series I am going to discuss a housing option that is not for everybody.  On one hand it kind of goes against the grain of a true minimalist, on the other, it is a very minimalist way of living compared to conventional housing.  What is it? Liveaboards.  The fine […]

So what would you do?

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Apr 282011

There you are, one minute  you are sitting there nice and cozy in your beautiful brick 3 bedroom, 2 bath, double garage, on a quarter acre with all the trappings of life as defined by the attitude of consumerism.  Your house has all the requisite things that everyone says you need to have to be […]

It’s Your Decision

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Mar 222011

Recently I had a young lady out for a paddleboard lesson and tour.  As we were paddling amoungst the mangroves we got to talking about minimalism.  Seems she was about to make a major career change.  She had come down to Florida from the great white north as part of a relocation offer for the […]

Minimalism and Middle Age…or older

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Mar 202011

If you do a search for minimalist blogs you will find the vast majority of them are written by young people.  People in their 20’s, fresh out of school, full of piss and vinegar.  Ready to challenge all conventional notions of life, living out of a backpack, ambitious, cocksure that they can handle anything that […]