Sep 242015

You can tell when it’s quiet around this rock when I don’t post anything for more than a couple of days.  With the bikers gone there won’t be too much happening until the big party in late October.  You can tell it’s already taking hold.  All the storefronts which are normally empty all year get […]

Jul 212015

Yesterday whilst sifting through the hundreds of spam emails I get every day now, and special thanks to the son of bitches who felt it necessary to put me on said email lists…We will meet someday…I happened across a comment from Martha, down in the Caribbean.  Normally if I get a good comment I might […]

Jul 052015

If you drive down through the Florida Keys chances are anytime you pass water, which would be that long flat wet stuff on either side of the land part, you will see old or abandoned boats floating or half sunk.  They are everywhere down here and it is a problem.  These boats are all well past […]

Jun 172014

But reality is suggesting otherwise. Yesterday, one of my former neighbors from the, “other place” came by the marina in search of a new slip to dock his boat.  He has been tied up to the seawall over at the marina of lost hope for well over a year now and was informed that he […]

Mar 272014

It’s getting close, very close, and things are moving quite smoothly, too smoothly. I plunked down the first months rent at the new place and I can move in sometime over the weekend. I’m shooting for Saturday as that is looking the best for winds and tides. I have only some minor things to get […]

Sep 082013

It’s been about three weeks on the Spirit now.  I’ve had some time to settle in, look around, and figger out what needs to be done and in what order.  I think.  As for comfort and livability, the boat is fine.  Plenty of room, the berths are large enough to sleep without feeling confined, and […]

Sep 042013

Yesterday it rained for the first time since I got the Spirit, which is a good thing, because it gave me a chance to find all the leaks, and there are leaks. Most notably, the four cabin windows, especially the two over where I sleep. The leaks ain’t bad, just annoying and will need to […]

Aug 312013

One of the reasons I wanted to go to a smaller boat like the Spirit is because of the simplicity of the design.  Everything is very basic and minimal on a boat like this and as a result, it doesn’t take a lot of parts to get the boat up to speed.  And as much […]

Aug 292013
Living Aboard:  Day 2 On The Spirit...

I’m ready to sell it.  Get off this damn boat, buy a van, a small camper, anything, just get me the hell out of here…..just kidding.  I like it even more better than the day before. All the stress and nerves and moving boats and overspending has caught up with me.  Slept like a dead […]

Aug 282013

You would think after a stressful day like I had on Monday that when I hit the sack that night I would go right to sleep.  No way.  I tossed and turned until 3:00am thinking about the boat and starting to plan what I will need to do with it.  As it is, the first […]

Aug 102013

The Key West Citizen reports that the country is mulling over three possible sites for a new mooring field in the Keys. For those of you unfamiliar with what a mooring field is, the concept is pretty simple. A mooring field is a set of anchored moorings set up in a protected area like a […]

Aug 022013

It’s the first of the month and as usual, the corporate warlords who live and die by schedules and deadlines made some changes. On Tuesday evening two things happened. Firstly, the security guards, a guy and his mother, were fired. Everyone knows this because the guy was apparently fired while walking his beat around the […]