Nov 102017

It’s been two months since Hurricane Irma struck the Florida Keys leaving vast devastation in it’s wake.  So how are the Keys doing since then?  Without actually being there, but following what I can online, it looks like for the most part, the islands have recovered rather well, depending on which island one is on. […]

Oct 112014

Docking a boat can be tricky.  Docking a boat in windy weather can be real tricky.  Docking a boat that is 10 feet to big for the slip in windy weather…well, got see what went wrong with that yesterday. I don’t profess to be very good at docking a boat.  Getting it safely in and […]

Jan 072014

First off, the Spirit survived the “polar vortex” without any issues last night. And somebody needs to slap the shit out of the marketing idiot who coined that phrase. Just another buzz word for a common winter storm. But, the media always has to over hype these sorts of things because they can’t simply report […]

Living Aboard: When The Winds Blow…

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Nov 052013
Living Aboard:  When The Winds Blow...

And they are blowing indeed.  We had another front come through over the weekend.  There wasn’t much rain but lots of wind and the temps dipped down to almost 70.  This morning, as I was chipping the ice off the sides of the Spirit, I was reminded of why living aboard in a marina, even […]

Living Aboard: A Few Followup Thoughts On Last Week’s Meeting…

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Sep 242013

I’ve had some time to think, always a dangerous thing, about the meeting we had with he who shall not be named, and our beloved HOA regarding the future of the marina. HWSNBN is a very charismatic speaker.  He said all the right things and basically told everyone what they wanted to hear.  He is […]

Sep 182013

And I mean that literally.  Sometime last Saturday, and I cannot remember how or when or where, I somehow, in someway, managed to injure myself.  I bruised/pulled/strained/sprained my hip, right where the thigh bone connects to the hip bone.  I don’t recall slipping, falling, or otherwise doing anything that would cause such an injury.  Maybe […]

Jun 122013

Sometime today, supposedly, or at least later this week, Paul Arthur Labombard and the former owners of this marina will swap spit, cut a fatted calf, and burn some plant of questionable legality.  When it is all over, Labombard, aka Pritam Singh, will become king turd of shit island.  What happens next is anyone’s guess. […]

Jun 052013

We have had essentially 7 straight days of rainy weather here in the Keys.  Not the usual daily thunderstorms that crop up due to the heat.  This has been the all day, overcast, steady rain/drizzle that you would normally see up north.  The reason for all this water coming down from the sky stuff has […]

May 292013

Well, the holiday is over with and for all intent and purposes, we are into the summer season here in Key West.  The stormy weather has started with the daily thunderboomers and the media is all aflutter with the latest predictions of a very busy hurricane season, sponsored by Home Depot, Eveready Batteries, and anyone […]

Living Aboard, Permission To Come Aboard…

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Mar 122013

You’ve probably seen it many a time in any movie featuring vessels of any kind.  Before coming aboard said vessel the person wanting to come aboard asks for permission from the commanding officer/captain/pirate with the biggest cutlass.  It’s not just a movie line, it’s real life. Boat owners tend to be a bit overly protective […]

Feb 242013

Before I get into the main subject of this here post let me update y’all one more time on the whole boat/motor/boat saga that has been playing out over the last week: The neighbor who has the motor that he wanted to sell back to me took a look at it yesterday and discovered that […]

Jan 192013

Thursday morning, as I was getting ready for the onslaught of arctic weather, I heard the unmistakable cries of a cat in distress.  First thing I did was check on my two fur balls who were both asleep, one in the v-berth, the other back in the stern.  Making sure they were ok, I listened […]