May 142017

So, I’ve been back in my most unfavorite place on the planet for a few days now.  The jet lag from the trip hit me pretty hard.  My sleep patterns are all screwed up.  In fact I am writing this post at 2:00am on Sunday morning as I can’t get back to sleep.  My digestive […]

Dec 052016

Allow me please, to interrupt the Off The Grid series because I came across a couple articles in the local Key West fish wrapper which I want to expound upon.  The Sunday edition has two stories:  One in regards to the infamous shopping center with a wallymart planned for Rockland Key.  You’ll need to buy a […]

Living in the Keys…besides Key West…

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Apr 042012

As you may know from reading this here blog, most of what I post regarding the Keys is primarily focused on Key West. That’s because I live here and there is plenty to write about. But what about the rest of the Keys? After all, not everyone is keen on the high paced exciting world […]