Oct 162016
The First Thing You're Gonna Say Is...

I’ve dreamt of doing a lot of things over the course of my life.  Visiting faraway lands, having adventures, doing exciting things, and generally living a real life. And surprisingly, I’ve managed to actually make more than a few dreams come true. I moved to Florida, learned to scuba dive, rode a Harley across the […]

Feb 252016

It is done.  The ebook is published and for sale on three platforms now.  I’ve set up a page with handy links to all the ways you can spend your $2.99.  Here is the link: Tales Of The Manatee Fritter-Captain, Are You Ready? Thanks to everyone who contributed on the gofundme and others who gave […]

May 162015

I’m sitting around playing on the computatater as I usually do these days, fiddling about here and there, when I suddenly noticed something.  Somewhere in mid fiddle, I found myself looking at boat ads…for like an hour.  Nothing special, just perusing what’s for sale here and there about the state.  There are a few nice 22′ […]

Mar 312014

It’s still a bit early to make any real opinions on the new marina but I’m going to anyways. The changes from the, “other place” are so remarkably different and more better that it does bear some comments. As with anyplace there are good as well as bad things to contend with, so I will […]

Feb 162014

Another Sunday, another pile of crap shoveled our way by the marina lord and master.  This time?  The son of a…..WAIT A MINUTE! HOL’ ON THERE! HOKEY SMOKERS!!! IT’S THE 3RD BIRTHDAY OF THE MANATEE FRITTER!!!! Well shiver me timbers and swash my buckles.  The Fritter has made for another year.  Wow!  Three years and […]

Sep 302013
Living Aboard:  Mobile Again...

For the first time since I sold the jeep I now own an infernal combustion engine.  Bob and Rhonda, who I did the boat swap with delivered the outboard motor to me over the weekend.  It’s a Briggs and Stratton 5hp air cooled kicker, with just enough to push the Spirit around.  It’s in nearly […]