Sep 102017

This morning, Sept.10th, Hurricane Irma made landfall in the lower Florida Keys. As I write this post the center of the storm sits right about over Cudjoe Key, where I once owned a rv lot.  Key West sits 23 miles to the west, Marathon, 25 miles to the east.  The storm hit as a Cat […]

Nov 062015
A Slightly Different Crowd...

After the madness of last week, a few stragglers and some new faces came onto the rock for a different party.  It was the annual Meeting Of The Minds once again.  A yearly celebration of all things Jimmy Buffett.  There was drinkin’, and crazy costumes, and drinkin’, and music, and drinkin’, and parties…..and drinkin’.  Did […]

Jan 062013

Yeah, it really is as bad as you think. Age, looks, race, sex, we got it all. But wait! There’s more! The old adage is, working in the Keys is a tropical depression. Low wages, long hours, few benefits, and even fewer choices. The Keys ain’t a hotbed of income opportunities if you chose to […]