Jan 232015

Today I gave notice to the marina that I will be departing in some way, shape, or form at the end of the month.  No matter what else happens, I ain’t coming up with another $720 to stay here.  I either get towed out, sail out, or walk out.  For now, it looks like towing […]

Nov 212014

As of the writing of this post last night, the boat is still on auction.  It has garnered a lot of activity with nearly 1000 views, 32 watchers, and 1 opening bit at $500.  I got until Sunday night at 8:00 pm eastern time for something to happen.  (Quick hint:  Sunday nights are good for […]

May 132014

When you walk around Key West, as opposed to driving, you tend to get up close and personal with the island.  You see a lot more detail on foot rather than through a dirty window whizzing by.  Sometimes that’s good, sometimes, not so much.  But it is interesting if nothing else.  Take the walk from […]

Apr 272014

I know, postings have been a bit scarce this week.  Well, it seems that lots of people have chosen this week to go kayaking with Kayak Kings, and with your’s truly as the only other able bodied guide available, I’ve been paddlin’ my little ass off lately.  There have been multiple days where I’ve done […]

Apr 072014

Been nearly 10 days since I rejoined the civilized world and so far things are going pretty more better.  This fancy marina is living up to all that I hoped it would be so far.  It’s wonderfully quiet around here.  Oh, there are the usual marina noises you always get.  Every morning the fishing charter […]

Mar 272014

It’s getting close, very close, and things are moving quite smoothly, too smoothly. I plunked down the first months rent at the new place and I can move in sometime over the weekend. I’m shooting for Saturday as that is looking the best for winds and tides. I have only some minor things to get […]

Living Aboard: The Fun & Games Continue…

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Mar 062014

HWSNBN has gotten the blessings of the county for his site plans. The condos, the restaurant, the pools, the fire pits are a go. Don’t know how long until construction begins but there were men wearing tucked in shirts and carrying clipboards roaming about the docks this week. Never a good sign. The free internet […]

Feb 092014
Living Aboard:  Don't Worry, Be Happy...

It was rather exciting and satisfying yesterday to actually hoist the sails on the Spirit.   They look in good shape and appear to be usable for racing with the wind.  That was a big step in the ongoing saga of getting this boat into some sort of seaworthy condition.  I also managed to get […]

Feb 022014

As of Feb. 1st., if you use the bath house here at the marina of despair more than 10 times in a month, you pay an extra $125.  If you “register” the fee drops to $100.  Difficulty:  Nobody knows what the hell they mean by “register” nor were any instructions provided to do so. This […]

Living Aboard: A Few Followup Thoughts On Last Week’s Meeting…

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Sep 242013

I’ve had some time to think, always a dangerous thing, about the meeting we had with he who shall not be named, and our beloved HOA regarding the future of the marina. HWSNBN is a very charismatic speaker.  He said all the right things and basically told everyone what they wanted to hear.  He is […]

Some Clarity On The Bathhouse…

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Sep 182013

The meeting with the marina guru’s ain’t until tomorrow but as I was in the neighborhood today I stopped by and asked about the cost of the security cards.  The manager, as usual, was non committal, muttering something to the effect, “We’ll all know later today.”.  But some woman who was there and didn’t identify […]