Nov 052016
Sandals, Slippers, & Flip Flops...

Very few people here in Hawaii wear what would be considered regular footwear.  Shoes, boots, and the like.  Some do, out of necessity for work or other activities, but by far, the majority out here wear open style footwear, namely, as the title suggests, sandals, slippers, and flip flops. When I arrived here I had […]

Oct 282016
Every Day...

It’s coming up on two months since I came to Maui and settled into the little town of Kihei.  It’s been one of the bestest places I have ever been and one major reason is the weather. On the second day I was here, it rained.  Not much, just a short shower or two.  The […]

Oct 262016

Key West.  This week is the infamous party which nobody is allowed to mention by name on a blog, post, in social media, or mixed company, because the owners of said party don’t understand how to internet.  But no matter, it’s going on now and Duval is rocking away.  Here is a link to the […]

Oct 242016
The Mysterious Maui Jeeps...

I’ve notice something rather odd lately.  Everywhere I go on Maui I see jeeps.  Lots of jeeps.  But not just regular everyday jeeps.  Most of these said jeeps are late model 4 door Wranglers in white with black tops.  They are all over the place.  One day I must have counted 3 dozen.  Just driving […]

Sep 302016
Best September Ever...

Have you ever spent a long time trying to make an important decision?  Something which would have long term effects on your life?  A decision which may be risky if you decide wrong?  It could cost you a lot of money, time, and have severe consequences if you have errored in your judgement?  And when […]

Sep 262016
In Answer To Your Question...

I know what you have wondering about.  It’s been bothering you ever since I came to Hawaii.  And happily, the answer is yes…yes there is. Maui Pie does have Key Lime Pie.  It doesn’t exactly get top billing but they do have it.  According to the girls behind the counter, they even import Key Limes […]

Sep 252016
Fourth Friday...

It’s apparently a tradition here on the island.  Every fourth Friday of the month there is a little festival of sorts in some of the different villages all over Maui.  There is one here in Kihei and it happened this past Friday. It’s pretty simple actually.  They close off the parking lot of a local […]

Sep 182016

No, not the email kind.  A different Spam.  The original.  As Linda mentioned in a recent comment, they love this stuff out here. Um, no.  Just no. Capt. Fritter

Sep 172016

As I sat in my evil lair and began my cunning plans for an island invasion, I needed to decide which island would be the lucky one to enjoy my visit.  In the Hawaiian chain there are basically 5 islands where one can realistically settle in, at least someone of my age and on my […]

Sep 162016
Two Things To Get Used Too...

I can adapt to most any situation but out here in the middle of the Pacific there are two minor things I will have some trouble adjusting too. First off is the time change.  I have spent virtually my entire life in the Eastern Time Zone.  My body clock is geared towards the east coast, […]

Sep 132016
Aloha From Maui...

Yes, I am just as surprised as you are.  To semi quote a famous old rock band, “What a long strange trip it has been.”  But here I am, at the other end of the world, sitting on an island thousands of miles from the mainland, and enjoying every minute of it. “So, what happened.”, […]

Aug 252015

Against my more better judgement, although I’ve never really had any more better judgement, I have paid for another week in the home from hell.  I really had no choice.  Finances are improving but not nearly enough to make a change.  I ran through all sorts of scenarios involving me doing everything from a straight […]

Aug 062015

It’s Thursday morning as I write this.  The party in the other end of the trailer has gone non stop now since Monday and shows no signs of letting up.  There have been brief periods of quiet when everyone was passed out or otherwise engaged but the drinking, music, and loud chatter remains. The two […]

Summer Doldrums…

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Aug 032015

It’s been downright boring around here over the past month.  Not a whole lot of anything going on other than the Lobster Season kicking off.  I’ve had no motivation to do much more than try to make rent every week, feed my fat ass, and little else.  But, here are a few tidbits until the […]

Jun 092015

It looks like Maui will be put on hold for the time being.  As much as I want to go, it just ain’t feasible at the moment.  Here’s why… At the end of June a friend of mine is going out of town for an extended road trip of about 2 weeks.  She asked me […]

May 302015

I’ve been back for just a couple of days now and already things are getting complicated, but in a kinda, sorta good way.  Allow me to ‘splain. I figgered on just sitting back here in this little room in Key West for the near future and try to build up some sort of cash reserve. […]

May 162015

I’m sitting around playing on the computatater as I usually do these days, fiddling about here and there, when I suddenly noticed something.  Somewhere in mid fiddle, I found myself looking at boat ads…for like an hour.  Nothing special, just perusing what’s for sale here and there about the state.  There are a few nice 22′ […]