At Least The Food Is Good…

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Jul 302017

I have been eating well, as anyone who notices my growing waistline can tell.  If there is one redeeming factor about this area is there is plenty of good, fresh food around.  Corn on the cob, a long time favorite is now in season along with peaches.  We made homemade applesauce last month, always a […]

May 292016

If there is one upside to being stuck up here in the northern hinterlands it’s the fact I’m eating good.  Too good sometimes.  Everyone up here is really, really, into food.  If they ain’t eatin’ they are planning on eatin’.  Three squares a day plus plenty of snacking in between.  Obesity is not an epidemic […]

Jan 062016

The biggest cold front of this winter came through the islands a couple of days ago.  While we didn’t get much rain, the temps dropped from the record setting 80’s to the mid 60’s at night and low 70’s during the day.  The humidity almost vanished, it never really goes away, and many an ac […]

Jun 072015

I’ve finally got caught up a wee bit since returning from my week up north and I can now take a little time and write some about the trip.  The seven days I spent up there was the longest I did since the loss of a close family member.  It wound up being a pretty […]

May 172013

I stopped by that marina again yesterday to see if indeed they had any open slips available come July.  No.  But I will keep checking back.  Sent an email off to the city marina to see what they might have.  No answer.  Not surprised there.  I will probably have to go and beg on bended […]