Jul 282015
A Can Of Worms...

I’ve been posting about the imminent invasion of a certain major retailer to these fair islands over the last few months.  Last week they sent some emissaries from the mother ship to visit bringing chocolate chip cookies and shiny objects for the Chamber of Commerce to play with whilst they plotted their eventual take over […]

Jul 212015

Yesterday whilst sifting through the hundreds of spam emails I get every day now, and special thanks to the son of bitches who felt it necessary to put me on said email lists…We will meet someday…I happened across a comment from Martha, down in the Caribbean.  Normally if I get a good comment I might […]

Apr 222015

I still haven’t made any concrete decisions on the summer as of yet.  The only thing I know for sure that I will be doing is going up to visit family for a week over the Memorial Day holiday.  When I return to Key West I have nothing planned as of yet.  Finances are, as […]

Mar 242015

It’s been a few years since I have resided on land, and I have to admit, it is taking some getting used to.  Besides the fact I no longer rock every time the wind blows, and I don’t have to check dock lines all the time, there is a bit of nice comfort to having […]

Mar 192015
The 100 Thing Challenge:  Spring Edition...

For those of you who are new at this minimalist way of living, welcome to the 100 Thing Challenge. The 100 Thing Challenge: How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life, and Regained My Soul The 100 Thing Challenge was put forth a few years back by Dave Bruno who wanted to take […]

Mar 182015

When I was but a wee lad growing up in the foothills of some shithole in Pennsylvania, I constantly imagined a time when I could leave said shithole and travel.  I loved to read about exotic places, in particular, tropical island type places.  Anytime we went for a drive someplace, even if it was a […]

Jan 212015
Living Aboard:  Decision Time...

Well, looks like it’s time for another change.  Like it or not, it would appear that my days here at this marina are about to come to an end.  For one, the rent is now out of reach.  $720 vs $612.50 is beyond what I can afford, not that the latter was any easier, but […]

Jan 122015

I’ve mentioned the free table on here before.  It’s a picnic table near the marina store where if you want to get rid of something but not throw it away because it still has some usefulness, you put it on the free table for somebody else to take and squeeze the last bit of said […]

Dec 112014

About 7 years ago around this time of the year, I was winding down my career in motorcycles.  I was working a very bad gig at a Harley dealer in North Central Florida and I knew my time there would be up soon.  It was a miserable job in a darwin forsaken hole in the […]

Nov 122014

It just seems that the rich will never be satisfied with what they got.  They always want more.  One of the few old timey marinas here on Stock Island has fallen prey to a new owner.  The Hurricane Hole marina located right on the corner of the Cow Key bridge and channel on US 1 […]

Jul 032014

Last month I wrote about the trials and tribulations an acquaintance of mine was having regarding his living accommodations.  Well, there has been some new developments in that story.  Would you like to hear about it?  Sure you would. Said acquaintance was given the heads up by his landlord that said rental property, where he […]

Jun 242014

It’s the beginning of summer, the weather, heat and humidity aside, has been beautimus.  The winds have calmed and the waters are clear and warm.  Things are kinda quiet around the island as we get a brief respite before the 4th of July and Lobster Season kick in.  You would think everyone would be happy […]

Jun 172014

But reality is suggesting otherwise. Yesterday, one of my former neighbors from the, “other place” came by the marina in search of a new slip to dock his boat.  He has been tied up to the seawall over at the marina of lost hope for well over a year now and was informed that he […]

May 212014

A friend of mine…acquaintance…someone I heard of, is about to experience some major upheavals in their island dream.  Said person has been living in a rented spot here on the rock for well over a decade.  He has paid his rent on time and made numerous improvements to the property including a new dock on […]

May 162014

Recently, workers in the fast food industry have been going on strike for higher wages.  They claim that the wages offered in these sorts of jobs are not sufficient to live on or as the phrase goes, “make ends meet”.  That’s understandable.  We all would like to make more money and when the corporate warlords […]

Apr 292014

Here’s a little experiment for you to try at your worker bee job sometime.  But beware.  If you do this, there will be repercussions, punishment, and possible dismissal if you do, so tread wisely.   Sometime, when things are slow, if you are standing around the counter, in your cubicle farm, or whatever hell you […]

Feb 162014

Another Sunday, another pile of crap shoveled our way by the marina lord and master.  This time?  The son of a…..WAIT A MINUTE! HOL’ ON THERE! HOKEY SMOKERS!!! IT’S THE 3RD BIRTHDAY OF THE MANATEE FRITTER!!!! Well shiver me timbers and swash my buckles.  The Fritter has made for another year.  Wow!  Three years and […]