Aug 052016

You really don’t think I was going to ream a new asshole for the landlords in the Keys and let the other half off the hook now did you?  Nope.  This is an equal opportunity ass reaming and for all you renters and prospective renters, time to bend over and spread your cheeks.  Not those […]

Aug 042016

Affordable housing does not exist in Key West.  At least not by the standards of the rest of the country.  The combination of low wages, high demand, and the desirability to live on this little 2 x 4 rock at the end of the world has created a shortage of livable places to house the […]

Jan 192016

Time to get off my ass and get some shit done.  I’ve been sitting around dealing with crap and putting off this project for way to long. After the amazing success of my last ebook, Moving to The Florida Keys, links to the lower left on the sidebar, I was inspired to come up with […]

Dec 102015

No, not me.  I’m down now to just a constant nagging cough.  Slowly getting my energy back a little and starting to feel almost human again.  I’m still not sure what it was I got so I went online again and listed out the symptoms.  Lessee:  cough, fever, aches and pains, grouchy, bloated, mood swings….HOLY […]

Oct 042015

Well, not from a place which does not exist, but even more better.  The start of October was a bit pleasant when I checked my bank statement and found not one, but two royalty deposits from my three year old, still cranking them out, not so best selling ebook, “Moving To The Florida Keys“.   Both […]

Aug 232015

For all the bluster and bullshit of Friday night, nothing has changed.  The evicted tenant is still in his room.  If he is leaving he is showing no signs of it so far.  The landlord has calmed down and said nothing more to my knowledge.  When I saw him yesterday he said nothing about what […]

Jul 212015

Yesterday whilst sifting through the hundreds of spam emails I get every day now, and special thanks to the son of bitches who felt it necessary to put me on said email lists…We will meet someday…I happened across a comment from Martha, down in the Caribbean.  Normally if I get a good comment I might […]

May 012015

It’s alway interesting, and sometimes a bit scary to actually meet and talk to the people who read or follow your adventures.  On the other hand, I have managed to score the occasional free lunch so it works out for the best.  In this case, I met up with Chris back in 2013.  He was […]

Apr 152015
Digital Nomad:  Income Streams...

Or more like, income trickles.  Since it is income tax day, why not talk about income? One of the things any proper digital nomad, or any traveler needs, is an income.  Preferably, an income which doesn’t require massive amounts of time every day to produce.  If one is to go out and travel, visit new places, […]

Feb 252015

I have the boat up for sale, again.  But this time for sure.  I’ve bounced back and forth over this decision for a long time now and I’ve decided it’s time to give up living on the water, and move onto the next adventure.  Provided of course the damn thing sells. I preach a lot […]

Jun 242014

It’s the beginning of summer, the weather, heat and humidity aside, has been beautimus.  The winds have calmed and the waters are clear and warm.  Things are kinda quiet around the island as we get a brief respite before the 4th of July and Lobster Season kick in.  You would think everyone would be happy […]