Sep 082013

It’s been about three weeks on the Spirit now.  I’ve had some time to settle in, look around, and figger out what needs to be done and in what order.  I think.  As for comfort and livability, the boat is fine.  Plenty of room, the berths are large enough to sleep without feeling confined, and […]

Aug 312013

One of the reasons I wanted to go to a smaller boat like the Spirit is because of the simplicity of the design.  Everything is very basic and minimal on a boat like this and as a result, it doesn’t take a lot of parts to get the boat up to speed.  And as much […]

Jun 232013
They Say There Be Magic In These Here Islands...

And being the unbelieving atheist that I am, I tend to brush aside such hogswallop.  Then again, sometimes I wonder. It seems, my fellow Fritters, that I may have an accord regarding an exchange of vessels.  Now calm down, calm down.  It hasn’t happened yet and many things could screw up the deal, but so […]

Living Aboard: The Latest Development…

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May 312013

This is what I hate about owning stuff.  The buying and especially the selling part.  People just get plain stupid when it comes to a sales transaction. So I run an ad on Craigslist, listing the boat and specifically stating in the ad that I am looking to trade for a 22′ ODay or Catalina. […]

May 092013

Well, when in doubt, go with those who know what you are doing.  A trip to West Marine, actually a couple as the store on Stock Island didn’t have what I needed exactly, and about $60 later and I have a sealed off hole in the bulkhead.  I decided to quit fooling around and picked […]