Jan 062018
The Crossing...

If you ever wondered what it was like to cross the Atlantic in a 37′ catamaran, here you go, courtesy of Julia.  If you haven’t frozen to death take a few minutes and enjoy a life’s dream by someone who had the fortitude to say, “Screw the corporate world.” and went off on an adventure. […]

Jan 012018

2017 is over and done with.  It was without a doubt one of the most bizarre years in recent memory.  A madman took over as ‘leader’ of the U.S.A.  His policies have been nothing short of scary.  The environment, once on the road to being protected is now being open for corporations to plunder to […]

Nov 292017

While you will be spending the next month running yourself ragged with shopping for useless junk, dragging dead foliage into your house and covering it with lights, fighting with sales weasels who would give anything to be anywhere else than behind a sales counter dealing with your shit, arguing with relatives during dinner over the […]

Aug 102017

Over a month now since the fall from grace but things are looking good for the person doing the falling from said grace.  Physical therapy 3 times a week is doing wonders.  A walker is still needed but a cane is in the near future.  The pain is subsiding, no thanks in part to the […]

Jul 312017
The Journey Continues...

Some of you may remember Julia from the old blog, Journey To Minimalism.  When Julia and I first made contact by way of some comments on the Fritter she was stuck in a go nowhere job, saddled with a mortgage, and generally was unhappy.  She found the way to true salvation through minimalism, unsaddled herself […]