Sep 152013

That question was brought up yesterday in the comments in response to my post regarding the upcoming marina meeting and all the bovine fecal matter that I went through so far this summer.  So, I thought I would address said comment in a post rather than a comment reply.  Besides, I can add more snark […]

Aug 282013

You would think after a stressful day like I had on Monday that when I hit the sack that night I would go right to sleep.  No way.  I tossed and turned until 3:00am thinking about the boat and starting to plan what I will need to do with it.  As it is, the first […]

Jul 082013

Firstly, the knee is fine. As bad as it hurt when I twisted/turned/pulled/sprained/broke it the other day by the simple act of going down the steps into the cabin, it’s like nothing happened and it feels fine.  No swelling, bruising, or after effects.  So far. As for the boat swap, I’m still waiting for the […]