Oct 212013

As of this weekend, I have finally finished rebuilding and repairing the running rigging on the Spirit.  I replaced a couple of blocks, repaired a couple of others, acquired the last of the lines I will need, and now I can raise and control the sails…or I like to think that I could.  I don’t […]

Oct 122013
Living Aboard:  A New Perspective...

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference.  Like yesterday when the mast went up on the Spirit.  It may not seem like much, but by getting that 25′ piece of aluminum upright, it has transformed a floating slab of fiberglass into an authentic looking sailboat.This is really important to me right now. […]

Living Aboard: The Bleeding Begins…

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Oct 102013

Bleeding of money that is.  Yesterday was a rather eventful day as I got things going with the Spirit in earnest. To start off with, the boat is now officially my property.   Sign a few papers, fork over a few pieces of eight, and I now have a legal boat in terms of the […]

Sep 302013
Living Aboard:  Mobile Again...

For the first time since I sold the jeep I now own an infernal combustion engine.  Bob and Rhonda, who I did the boat swap with delivered the outboard motor to me over the weekend.  It’s a Briggs and Stratton 5hp air cooled kicker, with just enough to push the Spirit around.  It’s in nearly […]

Sep 152013

That question was brought up yesterday in the comments in response to my post regarding the upcoming marina meeting and all the bovine fecal matter that I went through so far this summer.  So, I thought I would address said comment in a post rather than a comment reply.  Besides, I can add more snark […]

Sep 082013

It’s been about three weeks on the Spirit now.  I’ve had some time to settle in, look around, and figger out what needs to be done and in what order.  I think.  As for comfort and livability, the boat is fine.  Plenty of room, the berths are large enough to sleep without feeling confined, and […]

Aug 292013
Living Aboard:  Day 2 On The Spirit...

I’m ready to sell it.  Get off this damn boat, buy a van, a small camper, anything, just get me the hell out of here…..just kidding.  I like it even more better than the day before. All the stress and nerves and moving boats and overspending has caught up with me.  Slept like a dead […]

Aug 122013

It’s kept me awake at night.  It’s been in the back of my mind all the time.  I wasn’t able to concentrate.  I was short of temper, and ill of ease.  And today it finally happened.  The axe has fallen: I got my first electric bill that reflected my running the ac every night. I […]

Aug 122013

A few minor but interesting things have gone down here at the Marina Of Lost Dreams.  To start with, the bait shop, where I spent a large amount of time because of the proximity of the wifi appears to be ready to undergo some remodeling.  The temporary storage unit that did house the bait shop […]

Jun 292013

Met the couple who are interested in swapping boats this afternoon.  I knew immediately we were going to hit it off when the wife came out of the car wearing an Apple hat.  Sure enough, by the time they were leaving, she was downloading some of my apps on her iPhone.  Real nice folks, semi […]