Dec 302016

Remember HWSNBN?  You should.  Most of this blog centered around his antics during 2013 and 14.  For those of you new to the Fritter, HWSNBN, (He Who Shall Not Be Named), is a greedy bastard of a developer who bought out the Oceanside Marina on Stock Island where I used to reside on my little […]

Jun 122016

I’m back in Pa., all safe and sound from my all too brief trip back to Key West.  I was able to get all I needed to get done in the short time I was back on the rock and now I am going to just chill out for the rest of the year until […]

Aug 182015

Let’s take a break from passed out whores and drunken landlords shall we?  And move on to other things happening here at the end of the world. Yesterday I paid a visit to Kayak Kings for some much needed updates to the websites.  When I got there, namely to Cow Key Marina, the place had been […]

Feb 052015

  It’s been a hectic year so far and it’s only February.  I’ve been on the brink of homelessness, to making the rent and bills with ease.  All within just a few weeks.  January wound up way more better than I thought and the first few days of February have been quite nice income wise. […]

Living Aboard: A Few Quick Hitters…

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Aug 192014

I’ve got so much to catch up on, now that the death star is fully operational again, it’s hard to know where to start.  So, while I figger that all out here are some bits from the past few weeks or so. As I mentioned the North Roosevelt Project is now complete.  It’s all new […]

Sep 152013

That question was brought up yesterday in the comments in response to my post regarding the upcoming marina meeting and all the bovine fecal matter that I went through so far this summer.  So, I thought I would address said comment in a post rather than a comment reply.  Besides, I can add more snark […]

Aug 312013

One of the reasons I wanted to go to a smaller boat like the Spirit is because of the simplicity of the design.  Everything is very basic and minimal on a boat like this and as a result, it doesn’t take a lot of parts to get the boat up to speed.  And as much […]

Aug 192013
Just Say No To Dredging...

  Key West has been a port of call for many a vessel ever since the island was discovered.  It has a couple natural harbors, a channel running from the ocean to said harbors, and with the attachment of the island to the mainland, provides a good spot for a layover.  Small vessels, cruisers, quite […]

Jul 032013

Of course you would. You are all sitting on the edge of your swashbuckles waiting for the next installment of “AS THE SCALLYWAG TURNS”. Ok then, here we go. Lessee, let’s start with the marina and everyone’s favorite land baron. This was relayed to me by another renter as to the status of things. According […]

Jun 292013

Met the couple who are interested in swapping boats this afternoon.  I knew immediately we were going to hit it off when the wife came out of the car wearing an Apple hat.  Sure enough, by the time they were leaving, she was downloading some of my apps on her iPhone.  Real nice folks, semi […]

And So It Begins…

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Jun 132013

As I write this on Thursday evening, Labombard and some of his lackey’s are parading around the marina surveying his latest conquest. Changes have already started. There used to be George, the security guy. George wasn’t the friendliest person on the property but he was good at keeping an eye on things. Everyday around 5:00pm […]

Jun 132013

Apparently the closing of the marina sale is today, as opposed to yesterday.  Or maybe it takes two days for the two sides to properly lube up each other for the screwing.  Anyways, this article appeared in the Citizen today:  Developer Buys Marina.  It pretty much sums up the deal and does mention that the […]

Jun 082013

Well, next week the big event takes place.  Sometime around the 12th Labombard closes on the sale of our little marina.  What happens after that is anybody’s guess.  Rumors continue to fly and nobody seems to know or is willing to discuss what will go down.  Since my wifi connection on the iPhone is still […]

Apr 042013

After a busy last few weeks where I completed a website, an app, and yet another website, I thought I would take a day off and relax before attacking my next projects.  I got up in the morning, did my usual stuff and decided to take a nice relaxing ride around the island.  I do […]