Mar 232017

Time for another of nature’s daily wonders.  I sat up by the road looking over the big open area of Kam 3 for this one.  The place is a favorite for sitting down, watching the sunset, and letting the kids run wild.  Still turned out to be a nice one including a very brief appearance […]

Jan 062017
Just Remember This...

If the sun sets behind the clouds, it’s all good.  If the sun sets in front of the clouds, we are in deep trouble. Saw a couple whales out there whilst photoing the sunset but they were too far off to catch with the camera.  I’ll get some shots eventually. Capt. Fritter

Great Leaping Pussy Cats!

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Nov 132012
Great Leaping Pussy Cats!

It’s another sunset.  They keep happening every day.  Right around the end of the afternoon and beginning of the evening.  Very strange…   Capt. Fritter

Ho hum, another sunset…

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Sep 202011
Ho hum, another sunset...

For you sunset junkies out there, here is a quick fix. Got some friends in town from Orlando. Going to take them on a bike tour of the island tomorrow. See if we can get some interesting shots. Capt. Fritter