Sep 132015

Fall is right around the corner but of course, the only way you would know it around here is because football is on tv now.  We won’t see any break in the heat until next month or so. I usually love summer the best but this year it sucked.  All I did was sit in […]

May 302015

I’ve been back for just a couple of days now and already things are getting complicated, but in a kinda, sorta good way.  Allow me to ‘splain. I figgered on just sitting back here in this little room in Key West for the near future and try to build up some sort of cash reserve. […]

Apr 222015

I still haven’t made any concrete decisions on the summer as of yet.  The only thing I know for sure that I will be doing is going up to visit family for a week over the Memorial Day holiday.  When I return to Key West I have nothing planned as of yet.  Finances are, as […]

Apr 152015
Digital Nomad:  Income Streams...

Or more like, income trickles.  Since it is income tax day, why not talk about income? One of the things any proper digital nomad, or any traveler needs, is an income.  Preferably, an income which doesn’t require massive amounts of time every day to produce.  If one is to go out and travel, visit new places, […]