Feb 262017
A Tale Of Two Islands...

I have spent some 38 years in Florida and about 8 of said years in the Florida Keys, including Key West.  I have now been living in Hawaii on the island of Maui for 6 months.  So, with said experience, and my ability to fling bovine fecal matter with the best of them, I am […]

Jul 052015

If you drive down through the Florida Keys chances are anytime you pass water, which would be that long flat wet stuff on either side of the land part, you will see old or abandoned boats floating or half sunk.  They are everywhere down here and it is a problem.  These boats are all well past […]

Dec 042012
Moving To The Florida Keys?  Now An iBook!!!

It’s here.  The primer on moving to the Florida Keys is now on iTunes.  Moving To The Florida Keys is combination of information, advice, and personal experiences by yours truly, written and published to help anyone out there who has or is considering chucking it all and moving here to the end of the world. There […]