Apr 042017

Walk down Duval St. in Key West or just about any street in Maui and chances are you are going to hear a lot of different languages.  Spanish, Hawaiian, Russian, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, and whatever they are passing off as verbal communication in New York City can be heard.  (Seriously, how the hell do you […]

Jun 262013

Got to enjoy a nice lunch and visit with Dodd and Alanda from Okeechobee today.  They are down here scouting for living quarters.  Looks like they will be coming here real soon if everything works out. I mentioned that both of them have their own blogs going now…. Dodd’s is Changing My Latitude, while Alanda’s […]

Lessons I learned from going minimalist…

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Aug 082011

I’d like to think that over the last ten years or more I have picked up a few good lessons and tips on adopting a minimalist lifestyle. After all, it’s been quite the transition reducing down to the bare essentials. So, I thought I would post a few lessons and tips along the way. Keep […]

It’s Family Vacation Time

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Jul 172011

Around about this time of the year is the high water mark for that greatest of traditions, the family vacation. For many people this is the reward for 50 weeks of servitude in the zombie army, also known as the workforce. For all that time of work you are granted a week or two, sometimes […]

Traveling light…

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Jun 052011

Over the recent holiday weekend I flew up north to visit family as I do every year.  It has become a bit of a tradition for the few remaining members of my family to get together to eat, reminisce, and wonder who will die next.  Sad, but true.  Since it is a trip that I […]