Dec 052016

Allow me please, to interrupt the Off The Grid series because I came across a couple articles in the local Key West fish wrapper which I want to expound upon.  The Sunday edition has two stories:  One in regards to the infamous shopping center with a wallymart planned for Rockland Key.  You’ll need to buy a […]

Nov 012016
Eatin' On Maui...

I was hoping when I came out to Hawaii I would be able to cure my lifelong addiction to food.  No such luck.  I still like to eat, several times each day, and I doubt I will be able to ever stop.  So, finding sustenance here in the middle of the Pacific has been a […]

Mar 012016

I’m on my third and final week at my friend’s house here in Orlando.  It’s been a relaxing stay allowing me to wind down from the bullshit I left at the trailer trash hilton.  I’ve been able to get the book published, get some semblance of cash flow, and generally just not worry too much […]

Nov 122014

It just seems that the rich will never be satisfied with what they got.  They always want more.  One of the few old timey marinas here on Stock Island has fallen prey to a new owner.  The Hurricane Hole marina located right on the corner of the Cow Key bridge and channel on US 1 […]

Lifestyle Differences…

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Jun 132014

Well, I’m finally over the damn cold and feeling almost 100% now.  It was a long 2 weeks and it really got me to thinking about things.  How my life is going, how tough it has been to make it here at the end of the world, all the creature comforts I have sacrificed.  And […]

May 072014
When Did You Stop And Just Settle For What Is?...

Take a close look at the picture below: Click on the picture and it’s going to take you to a link.  But be forewarned, said link is not pretty.  And after reading it, if you are not offended, sickened, nor disgusted, then you probably work as management. The picture you see is of an Amazon […]

Apr 192013
Retail Tricks Of The Trade...

I came across this interesting little piece on how stores manipulate your senses to get you to buy more crap.  Like the other day, it brought back a slew of warm and fuzzy memories of how us retail worker bees were trained in the fine art of conning you out of your money. A successful […]