Jul 032017

Having been around the country a bit from this shithole to Florida to Hawaii, I’ve been able to experience a wide variety of weather systems.  Here, in said shithole, it’s usually gloomy, cold, rainy, windy, foggy, and generally depressing.  In Florida, it’s hot, humid, with some serious thunderstorms now and then, and the occasional hurricane. […]

Aug 202012

A few updates to the ongoing Fritter project. A closer inspection of the ice box reveals some more thinking may be involved.  So naturally, the first thing I bought today was a bottle of aspirin.  Actually, the icebox project looks somewhat doable.  The insulation around the outside will need to be increased if I expect […]

Aug 062012

The average person in this country pays little or no attention to the weather.  Other than wondering how hot, how cold, or if it ‘s going to rain, most people really don’t care much about what the climate is doing.  (Although you folks out west going through this drought are well aware of the weather. […]

Why do I live in Key West?…

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Dec 272011
Why do I live in Key West?...

Here’s one good reason… That’s a typical winter cold front about to slam most of Florida today. As it passes over the state there will be a short period of intense rain and storms, the winds will kick up, and after it passes, a large temperature drop. Up around the Orlando area the night time […]

Nov 202011

I get a lot of search terms for life in the Keys and Key West. Many think about chucking it all and moving down here to the Conch Republic but wonder what life is really like beyond the Chamber of Commerce and Tourist bureau propaganda. Well, luckily, your Fritter here is on the ball with […]

Living on a boat…more reality…

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Oct 112011

In the previous post in this series I covered some of the nitty of boat living. In this post I will cover the gritty. So let’s get to it… Weather When you live on land and a rain storm moves in you simply go inside, shut the windows, and go about your business. A windy […]