Jan 272015

As of this writing I still have not heard any updates regarding moving the mooring.  It was the weekend and it has been windy.  But time is running very short.  The marina manager has been quite nice about all this and in fact would prefer I stay.  For the rent of course.  But we do […]

Nov 192013

Here’s a question for you to ponder over your morning cup of the beverage of your choice: Which makes you feel more better?  Getting something…or getting rid of something? Does going out shopping, for whatever, and acquiring something new, shiny, or high in fat and calories make you happier? Or does tossing something out, selling […]

Living Aboard: Some Updates…

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Oct 042013

A few interesting tidbits from the rock this week starting with one of those election thingies. There was a local election, you know, that thing where citizens cast votes for people to run things, so they have someone to blame when said people screw things up.  I’m no longer a part of the process, but […]

Sep 082013

It’s been about three weeks on the Spirit now.  I’ve had some time to settle in, look around, and figger out what needs to be done and in what order.  I think.  As for comfort and livability, the boat is fine.  Plenty of room, the berths are large enough to sleep without feeling confined, and […]

Aug 022013

It’s the first of the month and as usual, the corporate warlords who live and die by schedules and deadlines made some changes. On Tuesday evening two things happened. Firstly, the security guards, a guy and his mother, were fired. Everyone knows this because the guy was apparently fired while walking his beat around the […]

May 092013

Well, when in doubt, go with those who know what you are doing.  A trip to West Marine, actually a couple as the store on Stock Island didn’t have what I needed exactly, and about $60 later and I have a sealed off hole in the bulkhead.  I decided to quit fooling around and picked […]

Feb 242013

Before I get into the main subject of this here post let me update y’all one more time on the whole boat/motor/boat saga that has been playing out over the last week: The neighbor who has the motor that he wanted to sell back to me took a look at it yesterday and discovered that […]

Jan 062013

Yeah, it really is as bad as you think. Age, looks, race, sex, we got it all. But wait! There’s more! The old adage is, working in the Keys is a tropical depression. Low wages, long hours, few benefits, and even fewer choices. The Keys ain’t a hotbed of income opportunities if you chose to […]