Sep 232016

6000 miles.  It’s not far enough.  Halfway around the world in the middle of the largest ocean on the planet, and I still have to deal with corporate bullshit back on the mainland. I use several accounts for finances.  Things like banks, and other nefarious entities.  My address is still based in Key West along […]

Jan 012016

Banner…from the Latin meaning – shitty.  Good riddance to 2015.  As years go it was not a good one for the Captain.  I lost a lot this year which is amazing considering how little I had to start with.  The boat is gone, my two best friends are gone, finances are in disarray, and I’m […]

Jul 192015
Romancing The Rock...

Next week while a bunch of fat old white guys parade around town imitating one of the greatest writers of our time, and the rest of the Keys gear up for Lobster Season, (more on that next weekend), the Key West Chamber of Commerce will be getting a visit from those lovable and oh so […]

Dec 112014

About 7 years ago around this time of the year, I was winding down my career in motorcycles.  I was working a very bad gig at a Harley dealer in North Central Florida and I knew my time there would be up soon.  It was a miserable job in a darwin forsaken hole in the […]