What The Hell Is A Manatee Fritter???…

You are probably wondering what the hell is meant by Manatee Fritters, and what this blog is all about?

Well, first of all, welcome aboard.  The Manatee Fritter is a blog about the adventures of yours truly, Capt. Fritter, and my travels through life, the universe, and everything.

The main subject here is minimalism.  Or namely, living a minimalist lifestyle.  This means having only a minimal amount of possessions, no debts, and being able to travel freely and explore the planet.  You’ll hear a lot here about downsizing, living simply, practicing financial restraint, a bit of pirating now and then, and snark, lots of snark.

This journey started in 2011 in Key Largo.  It progressed down the island chain to my adopted home of Key West, Florida where I used to live on a sailboat.  From there I gave up the live aboard lifestyle to try out something a bit different, living in Hawaii on the island of Maui, where I have been residing since the fall of 2016.

I’m sorta, kinda retired now, in my 60’s.  I do some side work hosting the occasional website, writing the odd ebook now and then, and some other online work.

I’ve embraced technology and use it to my advantage to maintain some income and to allow me to travel and continue to learn about stuff.  I practice some hardcore minimalism, often traveling with nothing more than my laptop, phone, and a few pieces of clothing.  Very refreshing and I highly recommend the lifestyle.

It’s been a helluva journey downsizing from a house full of shit and a dead end job around the turn of the century to being able to live comfortably and freely in places like Key West and Maui today.  But it’s all been worth it.  Life is damn good and I will share my experiences here on the Fritter along with advice on helping you make some real changes in your life.

So, come aboard, join the crew and see what adventures await us over the next horizon.  It won’t be boring, I promise you.

Capt. Fritter

What?  Oh yeah, the name, Manatee Fritters.  Well, it started in Key Largo.  I was living on a sailboat there, docked on a canal next to a sea school for kids.  I used to cook on a grill out on deck and when the kids came by in their boats they would always ask me what I was cooking.  Of course, I would say, “Manatee Fritters!”, which would elicit groans and giggles from everyone.  When I decided to start the blog, the name stuck and here we are.

I warned you about the snark.

Manatee Fritters